What is A1 and A2 Milk?


Milk is considered as a very important part of nutrition. There are 2 types of milk available in the market. i.e . milk A1 and milk A2. A1 milk is given by A1 types of cows and A2 milk by A2 variety of cows. Consumption of A2 milk is very low.

We get A2 type of milk from an ancient breed of cow or the breed of a cow running for a long time or from the native cow. A2 milk contains calcium and protein. Various types of proteins are present in the milk out of which one is casein. We can say that 80% of casein protein is found in milk. But the indigenous cow that gives A2 milk, releases casein protein as well as a certain type of amino acid which is called proline.

Amino acids are very important for our health, but the amino acids that are found in A2 cows play a crucial role.

A1 cows contain a different type of amino acid known as histidine.

The proline found in A2 milk prevents BCM 7 from reaching our body. 

BCM 7:

It is an opioid peptide. It is a small protein that does not digest in our body. This can lead to indigestion and many types of research have shown that it may lead to various other problems or diseases like diabetes etc.,

It can also be understood that BCM 7 protein is not found in A2 milk cows urine, blood or intestines, but this protein is found in A1 milk cows, due to this it is difficult to digest.

Some research has also revealed that it is easier to digest A2 milk. According to the report of the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, in A1 beta-casein milk high amounts of BCM 7 is found. If it is given to the children, then the problem of diabetes will increase in them.This research was done in Scandinavian and the Netherland countries. Here, it is found that a large number of people are suffering from diabetes. For this, lifestyle may also be one of the reasons but somewhere A1 milk is also connected with the disease. Heart disease has also been linked to some extent with this milk.

According to some Russian researchers, the BCM 7 passes into the children’s blood and also retards the development of the brain. This research was published in the International Journal “Peptides”.

According to another report, Indian Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism 2012, diabetes type 1 has some connection with A1 milk and in addition heart problems, mental disorder, autism, prevention of allergic deficiencies, and schizophrenia because of BCM 7 as it goes to the blood and then to the brain. Some other research also says that A1 milk does not harm the body. Therefore, it would be wrong to say that A1 milk has any side effects. This has not been properly proved yet.

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