Anrila® - An Introduction​

Anrila is derived from the word Anril - A bird celebrated in Ancient Tamil Literature, is known for its attachment to its mate.


Anril = Anri + il (அன்றி+இல்) -> Anril (அன்றில்) which means it won't separate from one another. This bird is from the land of Neidhal and it belongs to the Ibis bird family and Aves class.

Why Anrila®?

As like an anril bird, Anrila conceptualized as it won’t separate from you.

Our Vision

Self sustainability in making all of our products to create a healthy generation.

Our Mission

Anrila is inspired by nature to provide natural, healthy,  organic products. Anrila believes in Tamil traditional and cultural values. We provide the products from the Tamil ancient literature landscapes (Ainthinaigal).
Ancient Tamil Literature Landscapes
Ainthinaigal - (ஐந்திணைகள்)
Kurinji - Mountain & Mountain related land
Mullai - Forest & Forest Related land
Marutham - Agriculture & Agriculture related land
Neithal - Sea & Sea related land
Paalai - Desert & Desert related land

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